#10 Pull a onesie DOWN in the event of a blowout

Welcome to my birth and postpartum guide, item #10. Congrats on the upcoming addition to your family! Please take care of yourself and best of luck with your preparations. This is one piece of a 10-part guide. Feel free to explore the other pieces from the introduction page.

Given the breadth of the rest of this guide, it may seem odd for this last tip to be so very specific. But we are in this phase right now — blowouts happen, several times a week. With our first kid, it was winter and so he was dressed mostly in footed pajamas, which are very easy to change (especially those with zippers — always get zippers, not snaps). But it’s summer now with our second kiddo and footed jammies are an impractical choice for all-day use. And I realized that my husband got through most of our first kid’s early months without understanding why onesies have those folds at the shoulders — it’s so that you can pull them down, and don’t have to pull a poop-soaked onesie over your baby’s precious little head.


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