Our Itinerary

This is our rough itinerary. If you might be around one of the cities we are visiting, and want more details, let us know. We can share more information as we continue to lock down dates, flights, hotels, etc.

Dates Location
Mid-August Leave DC travel to Springfield, OKC, Denver
8/21/2014 Flight to Tokyo
Late August Flight to Seoul
Early September Flight to Beijing
A Few Days Later Flight to Hong Kong
Mid September Flight to Vietnam, travel Vietnam and Cambodia
Mid October Flight to Kuala Lumpur
Late October Flight to Bangkok
Early November Flight to Nairobi
November Travel Overland through Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania
Early December Flight to Accra from Dar es Salaam
Just before the Holidays Flight to Jo-burg, travel to Capetown
Early January 2015 Flight from Jo-burg to Denver


Map from July 20th
Map from July 20th

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