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Fishing in Cambodia

Our tuk tuk driver pulled over at a local fishing spot. So we could watch people fishing.  It was cool to watch the nets flying through the air. I got lucky enough with my timing to have google #autoawesome a couple photos together.

net fishing in Cambodia
net fishing in Cambodia

We saw a lot of locals out fishing on a Tuesday but were told there aren’t many fish left in the river. We saw some small catches, but nothing big and not much was being caught. Sort of seemed the same in Vietnam where most of the rivers had been over fished as well.



“Ankor What? Pub Street. [Siem Reap, Cambodia] The backpackers’ favourite where you invariably end up dancing on the tables till the small hours…” — The Rough Guide to Southeast Asia on a Budget

IMG_20141009_013522 (1)

In related news, a frequent question during our trip has been, “What day is it?” Not, mind you, asking for the date, but for the day of the week.


Erin doing the macarena in the street.
Erin doing the macarena in the street.