Things To Do in Town

We are very excited for the opportunity to see so many of our beloved family members and friends in Denver in July and we are particularly appreciative of those of you who will be making a trip out to Colorado for the occasion. Below are a few tips on things to see and do in the area if you are planning to travel out to Colorado for a few days.  We hope that you have a great trip — we love Colorado.


Restaurants in Denver/Boulder that we have enjoyed. There are many great places to grab a bite or have a nice dinner in Denver and Boulder. Most of the restaurants listed here are in Boulder, but these are some of our favorite places to eat while in CO. Click the link above for full reviews and info, but here is the quick list of our favorites:

  1. Frasca Food and Wine
  2. John’s Restaurant
  3. Il Pastaio
  4. La Pasadita Inn **located in Denver and highly, highly recommended, especially to those of you who do not have outstanding Mexican food where you live.  It’s not fancy or expensive, but it is amazing.  We recommend the crispy chili relleno smothered in green chili (no, the green chili is not vegetarian).  The spinach enchiladas are good too.
  5. The Kitchen
  6. Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse
  7. Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant
  8. Casa Alvarez
  9. Sushi Tora

Bonus restaurants (not included in the yelp list)


Outdoorsy Stuff — Hiking / Climbing / Rafting

We have done lots of hiking throughout Colorado and especially in Boulder.  Some favorite starting places near the metro area are Chautauqua and NCAR.

We have spent time on the Mesa Trail, Royal Arch Trail, and Flatiron Loops Trails; all are highly recommended.

Erin at the Royal Arch
Dan and Erin at NCAR
Dan and Erin at NCAR

If you are up for a bit more of a climb (both on your feet and in your car), you can also try the annual, traditional, Miller-Venters family  hike, Missouri Lakes Trail.  It is a favorite family tradition (well, it is still growing on Dan) and it offers one breathtaking view after another.

We visit Dan’s favorite climbing gym, Boulder Rock Club, often when we are in town.

We have also enjoyed white water rafting in Colorado.  One of our go-to companies is Arkansas Valley Adventures.  Erin’s family has done many of the routes on the Arkansas, Clear Creek and Colorado rivers.  Brown’s Canyon is good for beginners. The Numbers is good for intermediate rafters (those who are either brave or have some experience). Royal Gorge is a good route for advanced rafters, and offers fantastic views. And The Gauntlet is a great, thrilling trip for very advanced rafters.

Other Things to Do

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