Our Favorite 412 Wedding Pictures and a Video!

In celebration of our first anniversary, we sat down and attempted to select our favorite wedding pictures. We ended up with a collection of 412 pictures from our wedding weekend, including a few from the slideshow we were showing at the wedding and a few from our honeymoon for good measure. Thanks to everyone who shared their pictures with us.

Reflecting on our wedding one year later, we recognize it as the best day of our lives (cliche, we know) and we cannot thank all of you enough for being a part of it. Looking through the pictures, we remembered all of the amazing things that everyone did to ensure that the day went off without a hitch, from flying across the country, slicing fruit for sangria, making and hanging signs, welcoming guests, performing the ceremony, and corralling people for pictures, to taste-testing the margaritas, bringing the glow sticks down for the party, grabbing an air mic and your man bits to ensure that the dancing didn’t slow when the music took an unexpected turn, and arranging our get-away transportation. We are very grateful that we were able to share the day with all of you.

And now for the pictures, drumroll please….

Our Wedding Anniversary Photo Collection

Erin and Dan 274

And the video! Fair warning — though Dan has acknowledged that this is the craftiest thing I have ever done, he cannot believe that I made a twenty-minute wedding video and has assured me that only our immediate family members will ever watch it. For anyone else, here is a cheat sheet so that you can fast forward to your favorite parts:

  • Slideshow (mostly old family pictures): 00:00 — 02:00
  • Pre-wedding activities, rehearsal, etc.: 02:00 — 03:00
  • Pre-ceremony, getting ready, first-look, family and party shots, arrivals: 03:00 — 07:40
  • Ceremony: 09:15 — 12:05
  • Post-ceremony, more family shots, cocktail hour, dinner, toasts: 12:05 — 14:20
  • First dances, family dances: 14:20 — 15:10
  • The real party, dancing, and photo-booth shots: 15:10 — 18:55
  • Honeymoon and footloose shots: 18:55 — 19:55

Dan and Erin Get Hitched — The Video.

Dan and Erin Get Hitched
Dan and Erin Get Hitched

If you want your very own copy of the video, you can download it by using “right click, save as,” on this link.

Erin & Dan