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A Lifetime of Amazing Pictures

Dan has been looking at his pictures over the last several weeks and saying how we have “a lifetime of amazing pictures.” Now, admittedly, Dan’s camera is better than mine, and I’ve been busy — booking bus tickets, doing laundry, knocking ants off the bed, reading, squatting over toilets, packing, unpacking…I don’t know — but it wasn’t until today that I had a chance to look through my last six weeks of pictures, and OMG. Some of my absolute favorites are below, and links to some of the galleries are below that.

Some galleries:


Hong Kong



Corruption in Cambodia

As explained in the Kampot Survival Guide (a must-read publication during your trip to Kampot):

Corruption. There is no corruption in Cambodia, none at all! The country, like all of its neighbours, is commission based, that’s why it’s so easy to do things here, everybody will help you because they earn a small fee for their effort.

Commission. Please refer to corruption.”

Kampot, Cambodia

Slept under a mosquito net and through blackouts and woke up to the rooster under our bungalow. Learned a new sport (paddleboarding) and a new drink (a Ricard).

Really enjoyed our time at GreenHouse. I once heard it described as “just like a bungalow over the sea on an island, without the sea or the island.” Couldn’t agree more. But, great river views and breezes, and better French food and cappuccinos than most islands I’ve been to.

$51 and 16 hours from Siem Reap

One night bus over bumpy dirt roads with a bathroom that can only be described as sloshy, one day bus, two tuk tuks, (including one from which my bag fell into a puddle of mud,) and we have arrived in Kampot, Cambodia.
Our bungalow has the first provided mosquito net of the trip.

Update: Dan says that the bathroom on the night bus would be better described as a surrealist mountain of sloshiness with only rusted nails to brace yourself against. He’s right.

Fishing in Cambodia

Our tuk tuk driver pulled over at a local fishing spot. So we could watch people fishing.  It was cool to watch the nets flying through the air. I got lucky enough with my timing to have google #autoawesome a couple photos together.

net fishing in Cambodia
net fishing in Cambodia

We saw a lot of locals out fishing on a Tuesday but were told there aren’t many fish left in the river. We saw some small catches, but nothing big and not much was being caught. Sort of seemed the same in Vietnam where most of the rivers had been over fished as well.


“Ankor What? Pub Street. [Siem Reap, Cambodia] The backpackers’ favourite where you invariably end up dancing on the tables till the small hours…” — The Rough Guide to Southeast Asia on a Budget

IMG_20141009_013522 (1)

In related news, a frequent question during our trip has been, “What day is it?” Not, mind you, asking for the date, but for the day of the week.


Erin doing the macarena in the street.
Erin doing the macarena in the street.


We’re on a roof in Cambodia.

Getting our feet eaten by fish that are actually not that little. Feels good after a day exploring Angkor Wat (see below). Specifically, we are on the roof of our guesthouse (thanks for the rec, Susan), waiting for our traditional Khmer food to be prepped for dinner. Dinner in tonight because it is pouring here. Dan failed to mention that it is rainy season in Cambodia.