Baby’s first lunch at the pub


We’ve all survived baby Theo’s first week.

Dan gets an A+ for rocking at fatherhood — he can change diapers, navigate hospital bureaucracies, provide supplemental feedings, do all our dishes, and make sure mom gets extra sleep.

Theo gets a B+ — he’s an adorable little baby but he beat up his mom pretty bad on the way out, was small for gestational age and lost significant amounts of weight over the first couple of days — but he’s been gaining weight and starting to get the hang of things over the last several days.

My grade is decidedly the weakest — a gentleman’s C for still being alive (though Dan argues that surviving has required more than that and deserves a higher grade). I did spend an hour in the operating room under anesthesia after Theo’s birth for repairs after the delivery and then was readmitted five days after the birth for postpartum preeclampsia, which required being strapped to an IV that dumped magnesium sulfate into me for 24hours. Magnesium sulfate makes you feel awful — dizzy, pounding headache, nauseous, and unable to eat solid foods. But, on the plus side, I didn’t have a seizure.

I was re-discharged on Sunday and we are just starting to get into a routine at home. Today was our first day without a visit from a nurse and we celebrated by going to lunch at our neighborhood pub — and we even got there before 3PM.



Theodore Harley Mayer

Erin and I wanted to let folks know that our new baby Theodore entered the world happy and healthy at 1:36pm on Monday February 20th. Theo weighed 5 pounds, 14 ounces, and measured 19 inches in length. Both he and Erin are doing well. We will make little updates here and there on this blog if you want to follow along.

We got home on Erin’s birthday (22nd), and that was a lovely gift and made it easier to celebrate.