Loving the Basement Swings

Sasha loves her swings…

Sasha jumping onto the rope swing.
Sasha jumping onto the rope swing.

As we had kids, I set up mounts in the ceiling to attach a variety of swings… Over the years, they have served us very well. Both our 3-year-old and 5-year-old still enjoy a variety of attachments. We even have hanging chairs for adults when we end up playing games or watching movies in the basement.

Indoor Ceiling Swing Hangers Unlock Many Options

The most popular attachments change over the years, with the original baby swing and traditional swing long original favorites… These days the rope swing and trying to jump from and land on various targets seems most popular. It is the most popular obstacle in games of “the floor is lava.”

a collection of pictures of our kids on swings
our kids have enjoyed a variety of swing attachments.

For more, see our entire gallery of swing photos.

How and What

If you have a suitable playroom for something like this… You need a few things to make this work. I am not giving detailed instructions as I am not a contractor, etc… You can find great youtube videos and instructions to ensure you have the mounts in studs in the ceiling. All of my mounts I test with around 150 lbs ensuring when a swing is attached to two mounts, it should be able to handle crazy kids or most adults.

  1. Stud finder, drill, and suitable studs that can take the load.
  2. Heavy-Duty Swing Hangers Sets (I have 3 sets, so 6 ceiling anchors)
  3. Pick a few attachments.
  4. Buy carabiners. I recommend having enough for all the attachments you get, so it is fast and easy to swap them out.

Which attachments?

Sasha Approved

While Theo might spend a little more climbing on the wall these days, Sasha probably still spends more time on the swings.

Slow motion Sasha jump

The swings are a great compliment to our climbing wall and ninja line that also mounts in the basement.

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