One day, back during our engagement, we were walking home from yet another somewhat overly rowdy evening with friends and I started mumbling something about how amazing it would be to travel the world. And Erin said, “you know, people do that, we could do that.” And I said, “OK, well, then, we should.”
But it wasn’t really a thing. It’s like the way that you say, “we should make a scrapbook from our wedding,” and then your programs and pictures just sit in boxes for years while you become busy with your job, or having kids, or buying a house.
But, over time, the discussions became slightly more real — this is something we both thought we wanted to do, and our families and friends encouraged us. There was talk of traveling the world as our honeymoon, but the timing just didn’t work. After returning from our honeymoon and having finally finished planning our wedding (best day of my life, no joke), we started planning and thinking in earnest. We opened a savings account. We bought a world map. We started circling cities on it. Our friends would come over and circle new locations and add their notes.


Then, one day, we got the chance. It was time to make it happen or move on to the next stage of our lives. So ready or not, around the world we go. Our plan is to sell some things, store some others in a POD, ship some stuff to Erin’s parents, and drop Spot, the dog, with my mom in Springfield (who has graciously agreed to be a foster parent). We will drive across the country from our current apartment in DC through Springfield, Illinois to visit my parents, through Oklahoma City to see Erin’s sister and extended family, and then take off from Denver, CO, where we will return via Asia and Africa.

map details
animation of or map over time



Daniel Stephen Mayer
Profession: Software engineer at LivingSocial
Destination most excited about: Can’t decide, too many choices, maybe Tokyo or Thailand.
Goals: Reflect on life, enjoy the Journey.
Greatest fear: Getting very sick and being forced to travel on through it.
Erin Ashley Mayer Miller
Profession: Health policy and budget analyst
Destination most excited about: Vietnam…or Kenya, or Ghana…OMG there are so many amazing places I want to see.
Goals: To remember that the world is a big place, full of different and amazing people, and to try to get pictures at a few amazing sites so that I can brag about them to my eventual kids, who will care precisely none at all. And to eat lots of amazing food.
Greatest fear: Not having coffee, spending all of our money, being too high-maintenance, being stuck in the rain with all our belongings, gaining fifty pounds, being drunk under the table by 18 year-olds who had the good sense to do this right after high school, Dan makes a good point about being sick …OMG there are so many.

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