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And I Would Walk 689 Miles…How much we walked during our trip around the world

Our friends noted that they wish they had brought an activity tracker on their RTW trip. So, I wore a Fitbit (specifically, a Flex). I wasn’t perfect about wearing it and it ran out of battery a couple of times, but I wore it pretty much every day.

What we learned: We walked 1,637,488 steps on our five-month trip through Asia and Africa, the equivalent of about 689.57 miles. Our most active day was spent chasing the gorillas through the Ugandan bush. We walked 36,565 steps that day (about 15.4 miles).

Graphs below. Please note the scales — I couldn’t get Fitbit to export my data on a consistent scale, so the graphs require a bit of interpretation. FB+whole+trip+labeled (1)