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Baby 2 electric boogaloo

It is day 4 of Baby Sasha and we have already had to do some divide and conquer with the kids… Not too much because we have tremendous support from family.

Everyone is still doing well and we even managed to figure out to get a good amount of sleep on night 3.

Sasha Anne Mayer

Erin and I are so happy to announce that Sasha Anne Mayer made a slightly early arrival earth-side. She was plucked a bit early due to mom’s gestational hypertension (and an attempt to avoid a repeat of the severe preeclampsia from last time). She was born at a bit over 38 weeks and weighed 5lbs, 6oz and measured 18 inches.

So far the experience has gone much more smoothly than the last time. Everyone is doing well happy and healthy.

We are currently working on the name for Sasha’s chicken-shaped nursing pillow, Theo’s eventually was called “buck buck”. And yes, we had to get a second $50 nursing pillow because as soon as his mom suggested that his new sister would need his, Theo started sleeping with his pillow every night… Names currently in the running:


  • Cuckoo
  • ChaChaCha
  • Clucky
  • Kikiriki (The Spanish word for a chickens sound)
  • Spark Plug


Moving Off Facebook

Hey folks, after the multiple data breaches and seemingly blatant disregard for privacy. I taking steps to remove FB from my life. I am following some of the lifehacker advice on reducing FB usage. Folks might have noticed that I haven’t been active for a good while, but I plan to hardly ever use it in the future and will use this blog to share photos and such.

Anyways, thanks for all the good times and helping folks to connect but there are other ways… Feel free to follow here and from time to time I will post a link on FB to stuff I share here.


Anyways, a new year and a new plan… Here are some photos of 2018!


Basically a Theo photo show…

These little piggies went to the beach

Just a view of the beach from Cape Coast Ghana, at castle restaurant. A nice moment to lighten the mood. After our very depressing tour of Cape Coast castle one of the largest exporters of slaves. A place made even more famous, when Obama visited a few years ago. I will say both tourists and locals come to the tours and seem to leave believing in a better future than our past.


Vietnam Night Market

I bought Erin some flowers, but hadn’t really thought through the vase. No worries nothing one of our many 5 liter bottles of water couldn’t handle.


The women who sold us the flowers were all so excited that I couldn’t just buy from one so we bought a little bouquet from all 3 flower shops and had them combine it. They had us all take a picture together.