Teaching English outside of Hanoi

Our high school class. For the first time in our adult lives, we should've stood in the back of this picture.


We arrived at our volunteer week with CVTD outside of Hanoi. We are learning a bit about how to teach English. We have students of various ages from kindergarten, highschool age, and adults learning English to improve their careers.

We have had to put together some lesson plans, and given some resources and guidance. We think our classes have gone OK.


We are staying with some women who work at CVTD, along with other volunteers in a hostel or group dorm room like apartment. Chores are shared and assigned on a schedule and Vietnamese lunches and dinners are cooked together as a group lead by our house hosts.


It has been interesting to get out of the city a bit and see a more calm and more rural Vietnam, where you can watch the rice harvest out the apartment window progress through out the day.


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